The moment people turn to ebooks and audiobooks

After several weeks of confinement in many countries around the world, people in good health have finally started to get used to their new routines, to juggling their careers with video-conferencing, virtual classes, concerts, family time and meetings of all sorts. Some have been struggling with reading and concentration, while others have read one book

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Agenting in the time of Coronavirus

These are troubling times. And we are convinced that people need books more than ever, since fiction and non-fiction provide wonderful entertainment and nourishment for the mind. While many publishing houses have stopped printing and new titles are being re-scheduled (nobody really knows for when), we must go on, reading and re-reading and trying to

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Pontas networking in Munich

Behind every book, and beside the author, there are several passionate and quite anonymous people. At the Pontas Agency, we always say that the more digital and technological we become, the more important face to face meetings are. That’s why, in the middle of February 2020, Anna Soler-Pont went to Munich to visit several publishers

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