August 22nd, 2019

'Mask Off: Masculinity Redefined' by JJ Bola

JJ Bola is back with a non-fiction book about a topic that is gaining more and more interest and generating debate all over: Mask Off: Masculinity Redefined. Out in English worldwide with Pluto Press in September, 2019,

What is masculinity?  Dominating the world around us, from Trump's twitter outbursts to deadly gun violence, from male suicide rates to incels on Reddit and 4chan, masculinity is perceived to be 'toxic', 'fragile' and 'in crisis'. In Mask Off, JJ Bola exposes masculinity as a performance that men are socially conditioned into. Using examples of non-Western cultural traditions, music and sport, he shines light on historical narratives around manhood, debunking popular myths along the way. He explores how LGBTQ men, men of colour, and male refugees experience masculinity in diverse ways, revealing its fluidity, how it's strengthened and weakened by different political contexts, such as the patriarchy or the far-right, and perceived differently by those around them.

At the heart of love and sex, the political stage, competitive sports, gang culture, and mental health issues, lies masculinity: Mask Off is an urgent call to unravel masculinity and redefine it.

You can start reading an excerpt on Dazed Digital: 'Men don't cry and other myths: confronting outdated ideas of male identity' and here you can watch a video of JJ Bola talking about his new book.

'An uncompromising, heartfelt and completely vital interrogation of this thing we call masculinity. Bubbling with new perspectives and major insights - this is the book about masculinity that we ALL need' - Jeffrey Boakye, author of 'Black, Listed: Black British Culture Explored'

JJ Bola also took part of the 4-episode series The 8 Club, produced by Young Vic, in which JJ Bola and broadcaster Julie Adenugahost host some candid group discussions exploring ideas around masculinity, and many of the issues facing contemporary generations.

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