Books to film

Pontas is a very active literary agency always approaching film producers looking for interesting stories to adapt for the screens.

Recent Pontas Deals | Film & TV projects under development

  • Film rights sold to Milena Busquets' debut novel. Producer to be announced.

  • Rijula Das' debut novel has been optioned by Prithwish Barman at Drishyam Films, to be developed as a TV-series.

  • Screen rights sold for The Selfless Act of Breathing by JJ Bola to BRON Studios, to develop a feature-length film.

  • TV rights optioned of Muerte contrarreloj (The Black Jersey) by Jorge Zepeda, for development as a 6-episode TV series. Producer to be announced.

  • Screen rights sold to Filmax.

  • TV-series rights sold to Secuoya Films, for all three Inspector Caldas books. 

  • Screen rights sold for The Tally Stick by Carl Nixon to Blondini Brothers Ltd.

  • Heyday Television Options Dolores Redondo’s The North Face of the Heart & Baztan Trilogy to be developed as a TV series. David Heyman will oversee the projects together with Tom Winchester.

  • Ben Silverman’s Propagate Content has acquired audiovisual rights Burnt Sugar, by Avni Doshi. The film will be produced by Propagate. The Academy Award nominated filmmaker Deepa Mehta is attached as writer/director.

  • Film rights optioned of Kopano Matlwa’s audacious and compassionate novel Coconut.Producer to be announced.

  • TV series rights for Rafel Nadal’s El fill de l’italià (The Italian’s Son)optioned by Catalan production company, Minoria Absoluta.

  • TV rights optioned of Federico Axat’s gripping thriller Amnesia.  Producer to be announced.

  • Audiovisual rights optioned by Argentinian producers PAN contenidos.

  • TV rights optioned by Gato Grande Productions (a Metro Goldwyn Mayer Studios company).

  • Film rights sold to Todo esto te daré (All This I Will Give You) by Dolores Redondo, Planeta Prize Winner 2016. Producer to be announced.

  • Film rights sold to La hora de despertarnos juntos (The Hour of Waking Together) by Kirmen Uribe to Txintxua Films.

  • Japan-based production company Kowatanda Films has acquired audiovisual rights to Rainbirds, for filmmaker Anshul Chauhan to direct it.

  • The Samurai of Seville by John J. Healey to Blue Set Company, to become a European film.

  • Film rights optioned. Producer to be announced.

  • Audiovisual rights sold to develop a TV-series, to Xabi Puerta at El Estudio Filmmakers.

  • Film rights for Carme Martí’s Un cel de plom (The Dove Of Ravensbrück) optioned. Producer to be announced.

  • Film rights sold to También esto pasará (This Too Shall Pass) by Milena Busquets. Producer to be announced.

  • TV series rights for Elisa Vazquez de Gey’s La princesa de Kapurthala (The Princess of Kapurthala) optioned by POK Production Limited.

  • The Virgin & the Whale by Carl Nixon to South Pacific Pictures.

  • A House in Amargura by Elisa Vázquez de Gey has been optioned to become a mini TV series by Ficción Producciones.

  • Film rights to Rocking Horse Road by Carl Nixon optioned by South Pacific Pictures.

Some Pontas Deals | Completed film & TV adaptations

  • Film rights sold to Palari Films. The film directed by Edwin was the winner of the Grand Prize for Best Film at the Locarno Film Festival 2021.

  • Adapted into a miniseries by TVE. Watch it here.

  • Film rights for Ofrenda a la tormenta (Offering to the Storm) by Dolores Redondo sold to Nadcon Films.

  • Legado en los huesos (The Legacy of the Bones) by Dolores Redondo to Nadcon Films coproducing with Atresmedia and Nostromo.

  • El guardián invisible (The Invisible Guardian) by Dolores Redondo to Nadcon Films coproducing with Atresmedia and Nostromo.