The Devil’s Prayer

Original Title: La pregària del Diable

Publication: 2002

Author: Jordi Cabré

The Devil’s Prayer portraits Catalonia’s atmosphere of the 17th century and its political and social period of decadence. Bernat Ros moves out to the mountains in order to find amethysts. The contact with nature and people from those towns’ Barony, especially with the enigmatic Elda, will immersed him into a world full of superstitions and occult powers which will imply a descent to the sorcery world and forbidden knowledge. The apparent calmness of the Barony hides a diabolic background and the constant presence of stormy clouds in people’s mood threaten to blow up with an unknown and unexpected violence.

This novel masterfully portraits this historical and mystery frame and was the winner of the El Lector de L’Odissea prize in 2003.

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Film Rights

Audiovisual rights sold. Producer to be announced.


Winner of the El Lector de l'Odissea Prize

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