Tell a Wish

Original Title: Digues un desig

Author: Jordi Cabré

One Sant Jordi's day – Barcelona's festival of books – a famous writer goes into a bookshop and spots his own autobiography. He hasn’t written it. He hasn’t authorized it. Nothing in it is true. As he starts reading, he is compelled to track down the places and people that appear in its pages, events he denies and facts he refuses to acknowledge.

The mysterious book recounts the story of his progressive and complete submission to a woman: a shocking tale of adultery, but also of female control and male surrender. An unequal, toxic relationship played out between Barcelona and Cadaqués, part-surrealist dream, part-claustrophobic nightmare. A radical challenge to his reality that threatens to destroy his “utterly perfect” life.

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Original Language

CATALAN | Enciclopèdia Catalana

Translation Rights

SPANISH | Catedral


Winner of the Sant Jordi Award 2018

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