Time After Laura

Original Title: Després de Laura

Author: Jordi Cabré

Time After Laura is a novel about the love triangle between a pianist, a captivating woman and the powerful music of Beethoven. The main character, a funeral pianist, Salvador Dalmau, meets a femme fatale who disrupts his life and ruins his marriage. But there is a third element between them: the music from Beethoven. Invisible, but present. The reader will live again the darkest moments in the composer's life, such us the famous figure of the immortal lover, his deafness or his suicide attempts. But the novel also introduces the enigma of an up to now unknown piece which will unexpectadely come up in Salvador's life. Music will become, thus, the link beetwen nowadays and Beethoven's world, between life and death.

Time after Laura conduct us through the most exclusive halls, behind the artists' dressing rooms, among palaces and graveyards, in Viena, Barcelona and New York. Music can change people's destiny, communicate beyond the afterlife and it can, also, become a lethal weapon.

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