Without End

Original Title: Sense Fi

Publication: 2021

Author: Jordi Cabré

An exploration of memory limits and true identity. Seeing the world in black and white is not only an illness Eva Amat has in her eyes: it is also a way of understanding life. After falling out during the presentation of her last film in Berlin, she is kidnapped on an unknown floor and remembers nothing about what has happened. Only one version of her, much more timid and much darker, manages to rescue unfinished scenes from her past. Childhood, adolescence, the need to shine on the scene under the dictatorship of the image, and especially the love relationship with the man of her life, are much more real struggles than the shooting of a film. If life was black and white, everything would be much more intense and stimulating. But perhaps even more terrifying.

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Original Language

CATALAN | Univers

Translation Rights

SPANISH | Catedral

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