Author: Kopano Matlwa

Coconut is a story that deals with growing up as a black child in a white world. It is the story of black youth who grow up in white neighbourhoods, go to private schools and have white friends. As is the case with any child, all that these children want is to grow, to be loved; but most importantly, to fit in. Fitting in, however, comes at the cost of one’s blackness – too white for black, and too black for white.

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Original Language

ENGLISH (SA) | Jacana Media

Translation Rights

CATALAN | Sembra Llibres
FRENCH | Actes Sud
SPANISH | Alpha Decay
SWEDISH | Tranan

Film Rights

FILM RIGHTS SOLD. All other audiovisual rights available.


Winner of The European Union Literary Award for Debut Fiction


"Narrated from a teenager’s perspective, Kopano Matlwa’s Coconut is an audacious, lyrical and compassionate tale. It explores the grey, in-between, intimate experiences and dilemmas of a young girl who, like the society around her, is undergoing changes that call old boundaries, comforts and certitudes into question." European Union Literary Award Jury

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