The Last Ferry

Original Title: El último barco

Publication: 2019

Author: (Estate of) Domingo Villar

Domingo Villar returns with the most eagerly awaited crime novel of recent years.

Doctor Andrade’s daughter lives in a blue house that looks out to the gentle waves that lap up onto the beach in a marked contrast to the uproar on the other shoreline. There, fishing boats are dragged across the sand, sailors splash busily in the water and rushed commuters wait at the dock for the ferry that crosses the Vigo river to the city every half hour.

One autumn morning, while the Galician coast is still recovering from a storm, Inspector Caldas is visited by the worried Doctor: his daughter, Mónica, has disappeared. She didn’t come to their family meal at the weekend or give her class in ceramics at the School of Art and Crafts the following Monday.

Although nothing in the home or routine of Mónica Andrade appears to have changed, Leo Caldas will soon find that in life, as on the sea, devastating currents can lurk beneath the calmest of waters.

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Original Language

GALICIAN | Galaxia
SPANISH (World) | Siruela
SPANISH (Audio adaptation) | Audible

Translation Rights

CATALAN | Grup 62
CHINESE | People’s Oriental Publishing
ITALIAN | Ponte Alle Grazie

Film Rights

TV-series rights sold to Secuoya Films.


“With three published novels, the literary career of Domingo Villar has reached full maturity. The Last Ferry is an excellent crime novel, conceived, structured and written with the author's genuine mark, in line with the best police-led novels by Vázquez Montalbán and Andrea Camilleri.” El Cultural

"The rhythm of Villar's novels is completely recognizable, and that melancholy that sticks to each word has managed to create a true hallmark." El Periódico

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