November 21st, 2019

Kopano Matlwa and Carme Martí: two more Pontas authors with books about to become films

The Pontas Agency is delighted to announce that two more of our authors have recently sold the audiovisual rights of their literary works and will hopefully be seeing their books adapted to screen in a few years from now.

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Kopano Matlwa’s novel Coconut, which deals with the complexities of a black child growing up in a white world, has been optioned by South African production company KIWI Films. In the photos above, Kopano (left) and the producer Dineo Lusenga (right) in Centurion (South African city near Pretoria) the day they signed the contract and discussed their first ideas for the screenplay and how to adapt the novel.

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Carme Martí’s novel Un cel de plom (a bestseller in Catalan and recently published in Spanish as La paloma de Ravensbrück), is the fictionalized story of Neus Català’s life, one of the last survivors of the Nazi camps of Ravensbrück (Germany) and Holleschein (then Czechoslovakia), and it has been optioned by Principal Segona Films, a Barcelona-based production company. In the photos, from left to right: Mercè Batalla and Miquel Romans (producers), Carme Martí and Anna Soler-Pont after the contract was signed at the Pontas offices. The producers hold a copy of the novel that had been read twice and was filled with post-its and notes to discuss with the author before entering into development.

For more information, please contact Anna Soler-Pont.