July 28th, 2020

Avni Doshi's 'Burnt Sugar' longlisted for The Booker Prize 2020

At Pontas, we are incredibly excited to announce that Avni Doshi has made the longlist of The Booker Prize 2020 with her debut novel Burnt Sugar; out on July 30th 2020 in the UK with Hamish Hamilton after a very successful publication in India in 2019 with HarperCollins (under the title Girl in White Cotton), and coming out in the US with The Overlook Press in early 2021. Translation rights are now sold in Spanish (Temas de Hoy), Russian (Eksmo) and Hebrew (Aryeh Nir Publishing House).

The Booker Prize judges said: ‘This utterly compelling read examines a complex and unusual mother-daughter relationship with honest, unflinching realism – sometimes emotionally wrenching but also cathartic, written with poignancy and memorability’.


Burnt Sugar is a sly and searing debut novel that will appeal to readers of Deborah Levy, Jenny Offill and Diana Evans. It is a love story and a story about betrayal. But not between lovers - between mother and daughter. Sharp as a blade and laced with caustic wit, Avni Doshi tests the limits of what we can know for certain about those we are closest to, and by extension, about ourselves.

Read an interview with Avni Doshi on the Guardian here and start reading Burnt Sugar on Granta Magazine here.

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