June 3rd, 2015

Lisa Hågensen joins Pontas

We are delighted to announce that Swedish author Lisa Hågensen has joined Pontas Literary & Film Agency! Lisa Hågensen is a mother of four and lives on a small farm on the West coast of Sweden, with her husband, dog and horses. After a life of raising her children, breeding horses and working in such different fields as welding, economy and teaching, she finally reached her long life dream to become an author.


Her debut novel, Hennes ögon blå (And Here Eyes Were Blue), tells the story of Raili, a librarian who, while spending six weeks at her Summer cottage by a small lake in Lövaren, slowly realizes there is something terribly wrong going on among the people living by the lake. The novel has another story within about Kirsti Martasdotter, a young woman living in Lövaren in the 17th century, and who is accused of witchcraft and is captured. Fully pregnant, tortured and raped, she escapes and makes it back to Lövaren, although no longer the same woman who once was taken from her home. Hennes ögon blå is a story about evil, and how once sowed, it can be reaped over and over again. It was published in June 2014 by Fusce Förlag, and Lisa is now writing a sequel.

Lisa Hågensen is also the author of the novel Mysteriet på High Chaparral (Foul Play at High Chaparral), in which four children spend a couple of days at the western amusement park High Chaparral in Småland, watching the Ranch Horse Classic western show and having a good time in the park, when odd things start to happen. Who is the man with the dog lurking in the most unexpected places? And what is going on with those lone, pale children the old trapper Gus is telling them about? Is it just a ghost story, or are they really there? With their minds set to solve the mysteries, the children end up in an adventure far more dangerous than they had ever bargained for.