June 8th, 2015

Pontas in New York and at BEA

Jessica Craig recently traveled to New York for her first office meetings with US editors since starting with Pontas last September. Her days were full of meetings at some of the major publishing houses: Penguin Random House, Little, Brown, and HarperCollins.

There are more editors and imprints in the US eager to acquire new fiction than in any other market in the world and going in person to New York is the best way to find potential new matches for our authors. In four days of meetings Jessica was able to have satisfying conversations with eighteen editors she had never met before while strengthening relationships with many others.


Jessica also enjoyed representing Pontas, connecting with interesting independent publishers, and checking out new trends in US publishing at Book Expo America. It was also a great opportunity for Jessica to have face-to-face meetings for the first time with Pontas authors Forrest Gander and Susan AbulhawaSusan's beautiful new novel, The Blue Between Sky and Water, is now published and was featured at the Bloomsbury BEA stand and mentioned in PW as one of the Most Talked About BEA books.  

Susan Abulhawa Susan Abulhawa BEA1

After the long days of meetings, Jessica enjoyed relaxing at the New Directions and Riverhead parties, having dinner with friends, and discovering the inspiring art and views at the new Whitney Museum in the Meatpacking District.