Pontas networking in Munich

Behind every book, and beside the author, there are several passionate and quite anonymous people. At the Pontas Agency, we always say that the more digital and technological we become, the more important face to face meetings are. That’s why, in the middle of February 2020, Anna Soler-Pont went to Munich to visit several publishers and editors who are behind some of the books by Pontas authors that are published, or about to be published, in German.

Madlen Reimer is the Editor of Kopano Matlwa’s latest novel Period Pain/Evening Primrose (it was published in 2019 and keeps receiving great reviews in Germany); and Anke Goebel is the Publishing Director of fiction at Heyne Verlag and the one who decided to publish Melba Escobar’s La casa de la belleza (with the German title Die Kosmetikerin), also released in 2019.

Martina Kluever’s office displayed the just commissioned German translation of Dolores Redondo’s latest novel La cara norte del corazón (The North Face of the Heart), to be published in 2021 by btb Verlag; and Amnesia by Federico Axat, also to be published by btb Verlag next year. Meanwhile, the German translation of Todo esto te daré (All This I Shall Give To You) is still very visible in the bookshops.

It was a pleasure meeting Marion Kohler in her new position as Editorial Director of international fiction for Penguin Verlag and Bertelsmann; and Linda Walz and Maren Arzt, with whom in 2021 we’ll celebrate the tenth anniversary of the German success of Jonas Jonasson’s Die Hundertjährige (The Hundred-Year-Old Man Who Climbed Out Of the Window and Disappeared).

Sascha Mamczak is the Editorial Director of Blessing and he was happy to share the first cover proposal for the German translation of María Sánchez’ Tierra de mujeres (whose editor is Katrin Sorko). While we keep trying to find a book in common with Nicole Geismann and Diana Neizcer for Blanvalet.

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