March 7th, 2024

The miniseries based on Elvira Mínguez’s novel "Earth's Shadow" begins shooting

At the Pontas Agency, we are always looking forward to adaptations reaching the screens. A recent title that will soon have a miniseries adaptation is Spanish author and actress Elvira Mínguez’s debut novel, Earth’s Shadow. The Atresmedia TV production in collaboration with Fonte Films has begun principal photography. Montse García, Pablo Isla, and Carla Pérez de Albéniz are the executive producers of the series, while executive co-production is handled by Lucía Alonso-Allende. Elvira Mínguez is also the director and scriptwriter of the fiction, making this her directorial debut. The series will be an original for the Spanish platform atresplayer.







Earth’s Shadow is a dark, somber, and harsh rural drama which tells the story of the confrontation between two women marked by hatred. It authentically addresses the construction of very rough and violent characters, depicting a shocking portrayal of a miserable society.

Adelfa Calvo (playing Garibalda) and María Morales (playing Atilana) are the main actresses of the series. Garibalda is a sick woman who rules with an iron fist over the town's inhabitants. Since childhood, she has hated Atilana, blaming her for all her troubles. The position of power she inherits from her husband is used to abuse everyone around her. Atilana is a middle-aged widow trying to sustain a once-grand estate. Her family was one of the few well-off families in the town until her husband loses everything due to bad business ventures. At odds for many years, hatred is the driving force behind their actions. The struggle of these two selfish and manipulative women will drag everyone around them, but the main victims are the children, who are left to endure both physical and psychological abuse. Neither of them will be able to see the consequences of their deeds until it is too late.










The novel was published in Spanish in 2023 by Espasa Calpe/Planeta and all translation rights are currently available.

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