February 20th, 2017

'Ressentiments Distingués' by Christophe Carlier is out in French and Italian rights have been pre-empted

At the Pontas Agency, we're delighted to welcome French author Christophe Carlier. His latest novel, Ressentiments Distingués (With My Worst Regards) is out now in French with Phébus and Italian rights have already been pre-empted by Luigi Brioschi at Guanda/GeMS.

Published in January 2017 by Phébus, Ressentiments Distingués (With My Worst Regards) is a charming 'island noir' that pays homage to the lost tradition of letter-writing and, at the same time, it smartly weaves in a cozy suspense plot. A multi-character story with all the attractive quirks of a tight-knit island community narrated with elegance and freshness.

ressentiments-distinguesWhat the press is saying:

«Christophe Carlier explores in depth the human soul. And he succeeds at it beautifully, with a beautiful language that gives this “island noir” a literary and philosophical touch, which adds to the charm of the narrative.» Mohammed Aïssaoui, Le Figaro littéraire

«As often happens in Christophe Carlier’s novels, the characters seem to have come out of one of Sempé’s drawings  […] Christophe Carlier’s virtue is to mix in a light tale of a ballet of tiny men and women.» Pierre Cochez, La Croix

«Like the spider in its web, Christophe Carlier's talent is to keep readers in suspense, which also raises the many questions that mark the narrative, the stagnant inquiry. The author is not only exceptional at drawing characters, he also excels in the art of suspense. (...) It is impossible to put down this original novel Blog Traversées

«Christophe Carlier’s prose is sharp and delicate. Resentiments Distingués is a real pleasure to read Blog Bob Polar Express

Born in 1960, Christophe Carlier is Doctor in Arts and in Classical Literature and has authored, among many books, Lettres à l’Académie Française (Les Arènes 2010), a compilation of application letters sent to the French Academy of Letters by authors such as Balzac, Dumas or Baudelaire. He has also contributed to many dictionaries of the Académie. His debut novel L’assassin à la pomme verte, was awarded the prestigious Prix du Premier Roman in 2012, the prix du metro Goncourt, the Prix des Espaces Culturels Édouard Leclerc-TV 7 jours and the Prix des lecteurs de Notre Temps.

«An extraordinary imagination and an exquisite delicacy. Highly entertaining, extremely well written. An absolute joy! I am enchanted.» Amélie Nothomb on Christophe Carlier’s previous novel, L’assassin à la pomme verte, Winner of the Prix du Premier Roman

More information: Leticia Vila-Sanjuán