With My Worst Regards

With My Worst Regards



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With My Worst Regards

Original title: Ressentiments distingués
Author: Christophe Carlier

Autumn has arrived on an island off the coast of Brittany. A series of intimidating and laconic anonymous letters interrupt the peaceful life of the islanders, making them feel highly uneasy and suspicious. A policeman from the mainland is called in to investigate and arrives with his wife, only to fall in love with one of the women on the island. In the midst of winter, a new letter arrives, this time bearing the signature of a girl who died 10 years ago. Is the letter false? Or is the girl still alive?

With My Worst Regards is a small little gem of a novel which pays homage to the lost tradition of letter writing at the same time as it smartly weaves in a cozy suspense plot. A multi-character story with all the attractive quirks of a tight-knit island community narrated with elegance and freshness.

Original language

FRENCH | Éditions Phébus

Translation rights

ITALIAN | Guanda / Mauri Spagnol

“Carlier explores in depth the human soul. And he succeeds at it beautifully, with a language that gives this ‘island noi’ a literary and philosophical touch, wich adds to the charm of the narrative.” Le Figaro Littéraire

«Carlier explores in depth the human soul. And he succeeds at it beautifully, with a beautiful language that gives this “island noir” a literary and philosophical touch, which adds to the charm of the narrative.» Mohammed Aïssaoui. Le Figaro littéraire.

«As often happens in Christophe Carlier’s novels, the characters seem to have come out of one of Sempé’s drawings (French illustrator) […] Christophe Carlier’s virtue is to mix in a light tale of a ballet of tiny men and women.» Pierre Cochez. La Croix.

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