February 15th, 2016

Introducing Brigitte L’Archevêque, a debut author from Québec

At the Pontas Agency we’re very happy to welcome Brigitte L’Archevêque with her debut novel Derail, which she will be presenting on Tuesday February 16th in Montreal at 5pm (at Quai nº 4, 2800 rue Rue Masson)!


Derail tells the story of Genevieve, a woman who has lost daily-life motivation and for whom her “perfect suburban life” has become an inner hell. She then decides to take in her morning rides Emily, a young hitchhiker who intrigues her. Slowly, Genevieve will enter a new life of discoveries by getting to know Emily’s relatives.

Written with a sharp and colored language and with a dark humor from the first page to the last one, this is the story of a woman in her mid-forties who takes a side road of her comfortable life.

Brigitte L’Archevêque was born in Montreal and she is now set in Switzerland, where she is responsible for the training related to radio therapy equipment. Derail is her debut novel and it has been published in French by Québec Amérique. All rights (including French for France) are available.

For more information: Anna Soler-Pont