March 17th, 2023

Olivier Truc publishes “The Stranger from the Port” in French and Spanish alongside co-writer Rosa Montero

Writer and journalist Olivier Truc has co-written a crime novel together with Spanish co-writer Rosa Montero which stems from a collaboration for the Quais du Polar crime fiction festival, which is annually held in Lyon.

The Stranger from the Port, has been published simultaneously in Spanish (with Alfaguara, as La desconocida) and in French (with Points, as L'Inconnue du port).

Olivier Truc travelled to Barcelona in March 2023 to promote the book alongside his co-writer, renowned Spanish writer and fellow journalist Rosa Montero. After a full two days of different press, radio, and TV interviews, both local and national, the Institut Français in Barcelona held the book launch and both authors signed copies of The Stranger from the Port and other works of theirs!

















The Stranger from the Port begins at night, at the port of Barcelona. A guard is making his rounds when his German shephard suddenly stops to sniff at a dumpster. Upon arriving, the local police find an unconscious woman curled up in fetal position. She has a gash on her temple and burns on her face and body. She doesn’t remember who she is or even what her native language is, but she’s alive. While she recovers at the Hospital Clínic, a man will try to kill her.

Inspector Anna Ripoll, a specialist in women trafficking, seems to have discovered the stranger’s identity and address: Alice Garone; 19, rue du Chariot, Lyon. In the French city, inspector Erik Zapori is trying to get rid of hiw own problems. Internal affairs is submitting him to an investigation for procuring and corruption. Nothing better than travelling to Spain to help solve a case, even if it proves to be the most complicated one of his career.










We are always so happy when authors are able to travel and we can celebrate new books together in person. In the photos above, Anna Soler-Pont and Oliver Truc in Barcelona (left), celebrating more than a decade of working together. On the right, a literary bench in the shape of Oliver Truc and Rosa Montero's new novel that Penguin Random House has installed in the center of Madrid, one of twenty around the city. We love to see it!

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