April 5th, 2016

Dolores Redondo and Olivier Truc at Quais du Polar 2016

Quais du Polar, taking place for three days in Lyon (France) for twelve years in a row, has become THE key event of the genre (crime fiction and thriller). Firmly established in the French and European cultural scenery, it is both recognized by the professionals and an ever increasing audience attending the different events organized by the festival. This year, two authors represented by the Pontas Agency (Dolores Redondo and Olivier Truc) were part of the program (including 120 international authors) and participated in several panels, besides signing copies of their novels to their readers and fans.

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Une offrande à la tempête, the third title of Dolores Redondo's Trilogy of Baztan has just been released in French by Mercure/Gallimard, while the first two titles, Le gardien invisible and De chair et d'os, have just been published in pocket edition by Folio. Many readers were happy to finally get to buy the final part and some were just discovering a new author. At the same time, with his two novels (Le dernier lapon and Le détroit du loup) becoming bestsellers in pocket edition at Points (after the success in trade at Éditions Métailié), Olivier Truc signed and decorated dozens of copies for his readers.

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Authors are also admiring one another. In Lyon, Dolores had the chance to have a lunch with Norwegian author Jo Nesbo and give him a copy of the Norwegian translation of The Invisible Guardian (below left). And Anna Soler-Pont could share face to face conversations with two clients at the same time (below right with Dolores and Olivier), something that at Pontas we always enjoy.

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