June 14th, 2023

“Earth’s Shadow” by Elvira Mínguez to be adapted as an Atresplayer original miniseries

The debut novel by Spanish actress Elvira Mínguez, La sombra de la tierra (Earth’s Shadow), which explores the feud between two vengeful women in rural Spain in 1896, will be adapted as a miniseries on Atresplayer, the streaming platform by Atresmedia (one of Spain’s media giants). The series will be an Atresmedia TV production in collaboration with Fonte Films and will be one of the platform’s new originals. The miniseries will be directed by Elvira Mínguez herself, who is also tapped to write and oversee the script. Montse García (Atresmedia TV), Pablo Isla and Carla Pérez de Albéniz (Fonte Films) are the executive producers of the project.

Atresplayer has managed to become a benchmark in the sector with its original productions. The relevance of its series and programs has revolutionized the Spanish audiovisual scene in recent years, also managing to conquer some of the most prestigious cultural awards with productions such as Veneno (the 1st Spanish production ever sold to HBO Max US), Cardo (Variety chose this series as one of the 10 best shows in 2021) or La Ruta. The adaptation news was announced publicly at Atresplayer’s 2023 showcase.

La sombra de la tierra (Earth’s Shadow) was published in its original Spanish by Espasa Calpe/Planeta in February 2023. To date, Elvira Mínguez is mainly known for her role as an actress (winning a Goya in 2005 for Tapas and, among many other roles, for playing Flora in the three films adapting Dolores Redondo’s Baztán trilogy, available on Netflix).

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La sombra de la tierra (Earth’s Shadow) is set in 1896 in Villaveza del Agua, a town in the province of Zamora dominated by poverty. The miserable farmlands and mountains make up a border and inaccessible landscape where Garibalda, a widowed and ailing woman, imposes her own rules onto the community. Opposite is Atilana, her eternal rival, who relentlessly aspires to achieve the power that Garibalda holds.

At odds for many years, hatred is the driving force behind their actions. The struggle of these two selfish and manipulative women will drag everyone around them, but the main victims are the children, who are left to endure both physical and psychological abuse. Neither of them will be able to see the consequences of their deeds until it is too late.

Earth’s Shadow tells the story of two women; of the rise to power of one of them and the loss of power of the other; two acts of revenge, one that is visible to the whole community, and another which is woven into the heat of hatred. The novel speaks to a cursed inheritance, the transmission and consequences of abuse, and the reverberation of acts committed and suffered in the past through generations to come.

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