May 10th, 2024

Benjamin Carteret’s debut novel “Perséphone” is making waves in France

French author Benjamin Carteret’s debut novel Perséphone was published by Éditions Charleston on March 20th 2024 and has been garnering wonderful reviews from the media and readers (you can check out the book’s reviews on Babelio here). Paperback rights have already been sold to Livre de Poche (at auction) and all translation and audiovisual rights are currently available.

Perséphone is a dual-voiced retelling of the famous myth by Kore/Persephone and her mother, Demeter, goddess of the harvest. Although set during Antiquity and faithful to the traditions of classical mythology, Perséphone explores the universal, urgent questions of motherhood, patriarchy, freedom and humankind’s relationship to the environment; in short, a myth for our times.

The author has made appearances at book festivals non-stop since the book first launched. This first event was held on March 19th 2024 at the Livrarie Le Divan in Paris, where Benjamin Carteret talked about the book with his editor at Charleston, Lisa Labbe, and signed copies for his friends and fans.










A few days later, the author attended the 4th Lyon Antiquity Book Fair which took place on March 22 Saturday March 23 2024 in partnership with the Musée de la Métropole in Lyon. An event centering classical literature and culture, the Antiquity Book Fair was held within the collections of the Lugdunum museum.











In early April 2024, the Brussels Book Fair also invited the author to reach even more readers, in Belgium (below left). The Paris Book Festival also hosted Benjamin Carteret to sign books amongst other fellow Éditions Charleston authors (below right).










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