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Benjamin Carteret

Benjamin Carteret is an author passionate about Antiquity and Greek mythology. After training in art history and specializing in modern and contemporary art, Benjamin Carteret is now a writer and communications strategy advisor. He has helped several entities in the art world to develop their own mythologies. His work currently revolves around two main themes: the myth of descents to the Underworld and the principle of performative speech, and he is interested in realistic and feminist revisions of myths to address contemporary questions.

In 2021, he published a collection of personal photographs, titled Fétiches. He is also the author of a fictional biography of the ancient poet Orpheus, Moi, Orphée (I, Orpheus), which will be published in October 2023 with  Ateliers Henry Dougier. Benjamin is currently working on a graphic novel project on Jean Cocteau, with the designer Gabrielle Lavoir. Perséphone is his first novel.