December 19th, 2014

"The Baztan Trilogy" by Dolores Redondo is successfully concluded!

THE BAZTAN TRILOGY by Dolores Redondo, a series set in the Basque Pyrenees of Navarra (Spain), have become an absolute phenomenon and the most successful crime series to come ever out from Spain and one of the greatest international successes of the Pontas Agency in the recent years. It stands out for its “unputdownable” plot, its charismatic female protagonist and for submerging the reader into the exotic and mysterious forests of the Basque Country and the mythology that surrounds them. The trilogy is enjoying an unprecedented success in Spain –with almost 500,000 copies sold so far, and the three titles topping the best-selling lists in Nielsen ranking (#1, #10 and #21 positions).

dolores portada

THE BAZTAN TRILOGY by Dolores Redondo includesTHE INVISIBLE GUARDIAN (published in Spain in January 2013), LEGACY ON THE BONES (published in Spain in November 2013) and OFFERING TO THE STORM (published in Spain in November 25th 2014).

Furthermore, THE BAZTAN TRILOGY already has 32 international publishers all around the world, and ten of them are about to launch the first installment of the trilogy (THE INVISIBLE GUARDIAN) in 2015. Harper Collins is launching on the 23rd of April 2015 in the UK and Austalia, and Atria-Simon and Schuster will be pubslihing it in 2016 in the USA.

Dolores Redondo will start also to promote her trilogy abroad, with already scheduled trips to France, Australia, Argentina and Bulgaria in 2015, among others.

THE INVISIBLE GUARDIAN has been adapted into a comic by Planeta DeAgostini with great success so far, and film adaptation rights have been sold to the German producer Peter Nadermann at NadCon Entertainment, the same producers involved in the adaptations of Stieg Larsson and Henning Mankell’s novels. NadCon is co-producing with AtresMedia and the production of this major motion picture will start in 2015 (film director and scriptwriter to be annouced soon).

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Of the multiple press reviews and comments on social media, here are a few abstracts:

“One of those novels you can’t get away from, not even to take a shower.”

Paco Camarassa, director of Barcelona’s Crime Novel Festival (BCN Negra)

“Everything started with The Invisible Guardian. It grew with its follow-up, the chilling novel The Legacy of the Bones. And it has culminated with a big bang and with big literary complexity in Offering to the Storm.Dolores Redondo’s trilogy is superb and has grown in literary quality, psychological depth and breath-taking narrative as it reached its ending” – La Razón

“3 days hooked to the book, 3 days in which it hasn’t ceased to rain, in which the rivers havn’t ceased to grow and in which the tension hasn’t ceased to rise. Three nights in which the short walk from the couch to my bed became long and insecure.” Libros y Literatura

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Visitors addicted to Dolores Redondo's pageturners descend in their droves on the village of Elizondo. "We are overwhelmed. Before the first novel came out, this was a countryside tourism area. Now, domestic and international visitors are a common occurrence", said Cristina Alzuarte, staff member at Hostal Trinkete Antxitonea. Elizondo residents quickly learnt to ride the wave of the literary success. A handful of them came up with the idea of guided tours around the town. Ever since the outings were set up in June 2013, hundreds have signed up. "Far from being a one-off, we get a steady stream of visitors. In peak season tours take place all week, whilst in winter we have them at weekends", said bookseller-turned-guide Juan Mari Ondikol.

The full list of publishers of Dolores Redondo (by language):

Spanish (Destino/Grupo Planeta), Basque (Erein Argitaletxea), Bulgarian (Colibri), Catalan (Columna/Grupo Planeta), Chinese Complex Characters (Global Group), Croatian (Profil), Czech (Panteon), Danish (HR Ferdinand), Dutch (Cargo/DeBezige Bij), Finland (Gummerus Publishers), French (Mercure Noir/Gallimard), Galician (Xerais), German (Bastei-Lübbe), Greek (Medusa), Hebrew (Kinneret), Hungarian (Trivium Kiadó), Italian (Salani/MauriSpagnol), Japanese (Hayakawa), Korean (21Book), Norwegian (Cappelen Damm), Polish (Czarna Owca), Portuguese Portugal (Divina Comédia), Portuguese Brazil (Record Editora), Russian (Hemiro/Family Leisure Club), Serbian (Laguna), Slovak (Ikar) and Turkish (Marti Publishing Group).

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