Travel Journal to the Homeland

Original Title: Cuaderno de viaje al país natal

Publication: 2022

Author: Alfonso Armada

“To travel throughout Galicia and tell it, Alfonso Armada, who is a journalist, poet, and wanderer, leans on others: those who wrote before him, those who write at the same time he does, and those who will write after; those characters, anonymous or not, that he meets along his way as he steps on their footsteps or erases them by walking, seeing, and telling, which are the precepts of the job, as Chaves Nogales once said. Journeys that are never-ending are those that can be told in never-ending ways. This account that readers hold in their hands is one of the best, because it houses the exact mixture of patience, charm, and talent that is needed to narrate a land that many are unaware of its inexistence; in reality, it only exists insofar as one can invent it.”

- From the prologue by Manuel Jabois

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Original Language

SPANISH | La Umbría y La Solana

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