Through Secondary Roads: An Escape

Original Title: Por carreteras secundarias: una huida

Author: Alfonso Armada

Through secondary roads, acclaimed journalist and chronicler Alfonso Armada travels to some of the most remote and forgotten places in Spain, those that do not appear on any tourist map. The writing shines for its beauty, its descriptions of off-the-radar places and their natural and geographical features, as well as life around restaurants, hills, churches or road signs. Just like Josep Pla, Armada goes further by extracting the essence of human behavior in relation to these ‘secondary roads’ and ‘secondary villages’, truly managing to portray the soul of an often-ignored side of Spain, the one that is far inland, far away from the coast, and far away from the crowds. The book is complete with photographs by Corina Arranz and a prologue by National Literature Prize winner Ignacio Martínez de Pisón. A joy for any armchair traveler and/or and hispanofile.

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SPANISH | Malpaso

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