The Murmur of the Mexican Border

Original Title: El rumor de la frontera

Author: Alfonso Armada

The Murmur of the Mexican Border is a voyage through one of the world’s most dangerous, changing and poriferous stretches, the one that separates the United States from Mexico. Thousands of people try to cross this border every day hoping to become part of the “productive machinery of the Earth’s largest power”. From East to West, between San Antonio, along the Mexican Gulf, San Diego, up to the Pacific Ocean, always on the US side with periodic cross-overs to the Mexican side, Alfonso Armada’s book traces the murmur which was heard by other novelists such as Cormac McCarthy. Accompanied by the photographer Corina Arranz, whose pictures complete this book, he travels across a vast and uneven landscape, from ocean to ocean, following an abyss that separates two completely different worlds.

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Original Language

SPANISH | Península / Grupo Planeta

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