The Stolen Days

Original Title: Els dies robats

Publication: 2024

Author: Blanca Busquets

A diverse group of strangers finds themselves thrust into an unexpected and indefinite isolation from the world. Set against the backdrop of a small village in the Catalan Pyrenees, these individuals, drawn together for a seemingly ordinary yoga and Pilates retreat, suddenly face a global alarm that brings life as they know it to a standstill.

As the group navigates the challenges of extended seclusion following a government mandate, the bonds between them evolve in extraordinary ways. Age, perspectives, and life aspirations collide, forever transforming relationships. Amidst the isolation and mounting concerns, unexpected connections and partnerships weave themselves into the web of their shared experience.

The unfolding drama extends beyond the confines of their retreat, intertwining with the lives of the villagers. In this suspended reality, a powerful momentum resurrects long-buried wounds, challenging the belief that some scars are forgotten.

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