The Runaway

Original Title: La fugitiva

Author: Blanca Busquets

A ninety-year old woman, Mireia, looks back on her life. She lives alone in a flat in Barcelona and the only person with whom she gets along with is her grand-daughter, Sònia. Mireia enjoys eavesdropping on her neighbors and listening to the chatter on the street. While she does this, she wonders why her daughter tries to avoid her as much as possible and why her son has stopped talking to her. A series of past events in the past caused her life to become blocked but now, with a bit of luck, she has the opportunity to change this.

The Runaway is the new novel by one of the most beloved contemporary Catalan authors, winner of the prestigious Premi Llibreter and author of The House of Silence, translated into 7 languages. A novel for all ages, from a master storyteller.

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Original Language

CATALAN | Proa / Grup Planeta

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