The Last Snow

Original Title: La nevada del cucut

Author: Blanca Busquets

A woman who lived a hundred years ago writes secretly in a village in Catalonia, in the middle of the mountains. Her passion for books, unusual for her time and environment, resembles the passion of a woman from the 21st century that could not live without writing either.

Through the novel, the reader is let into the lives of these two women - with their sufferings, and their tremendous desire to live, and even though they lived in different periods, the chapters weave an invisible thread of hope, silence and words between the two.

Aside from that, the two women share the same painting, where they have always seen a snow covered village, but the rest only black spots. The painting awakens the same sensitivity and - without their knowing - units them.

The Last Snow is a true celebration of literature and the anonymous voices that it consists of; the women who have fought to find their spot in a hostile world. With a good pace and unforgettable characters, the novel brings us closer to an epoch, a village, and the silence that, from time to time, accompanies our own story.

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Original Language

CATALAN | Rosa dels Vents / Penguin Random House

Translation Rights

ITALIAN | Piemme
SPANISH | Grijalbo / Penguin Random House


Catalan Booksellers Prize 2011

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