The First Reindeer

Original Title: Le premier renne

Publication: 2024

Author: Olivier Truc

Swedish Lapland. Ravens and wolves. Reindeer and dreams.

Meet Anja, a young Sami woman, marginalized but entrusted with the power to kill. Anja, who yearns to hear the whispers of the tundra's stones. She refuses to be silenced, to bend, or to conform. She is determined to craft her own narrative.

During the fawning season, a herd of reindeer is decimated along the iron ore transportation railway. Nina Nansen and Klemet Nango, reindeer police investigators, find themselves entangled in a conflict tearing apart a Sami herding clan. The high stakes of rare lands clash with the survival of the Sami people. Will saving the planet require sacrificing these reindeer herders?

In the face of a silent colonization, Anja becomes a resistor, employing her unique methods. And in this struggle, her demons will intertwine with Klemet's.

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Original Language

FRENCH | Editions Métailié

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