The Dogs of Pasvik

Original Title: Les chiens de Pasvik

Publication: 2021

Author: Olivier Truc

Olivier Truc returns to the land of the Sami and the Reindeer Police with an eerie crime novel that explores the historical tensions of the Norwegian border with Russia.

Piera Kyrö is reindeer herder in the Norwegian Pasvik Valley. He is a Norwegian Sami whose family comes from Russia and grew up with nostalgia for the lost pastures on the Russian side during the Soviet era and nostalgia for his grandmother, the mysterious Ida.

In the still days of winter, Piera is facing a diplomatic incident when several of his reindeers cross the border, twice in a short period of time, perhaps pushed by Russian stray dogs. These reindeer must therefore be found before they suffer the fate of the first ones, found dead with their tongues cut, a clear sign of trafficking.

This is also a case which Inspector Klemet Nango, a policeman from the Reindeer Police who struggles as much as he can with his Sami identity, will investigate, together with Nina Nansen of the Border Police.

But nothing will go as planned. Because these Norwegian reindeer and these old Russian pastures suddenly seem to interest a lot of people. The investigation will reopen old wounds in this area where the borders have dispersed the Sami people, where the land is still bleeding from the wounds of war.

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Original Language

FRENCH | Éditions Métailié

Translation Rights

ITALIAN | Marsilio

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