Forty Days without Shadow

Original Title: Le dernier Lapon

Author: Olivier Truc

In Kautokeinko, a small village in the extreme north of Scandianvia, the police try to solve a murder and the theft of an ancient drum, amidst raising tensions between members of the Arctic-based Sami religion and fundamentalists opposed to their beliefs. The vast white wilderness of Lapland has become a battlefield, where anger, greed and suspicion reign. Klemet Nango and Nina Nansen are members of the P9 patrol of the Reindeer Police, a specialized brigade accustomed to most of the natural and manmade challenges in the region. But not everyone in Kautokeino wants to see their investigation move forward…

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Original Language

FRENCH | Éditions Métailié
FRENCH (Graphic novel) | Sarbacane

Translation Rights

CATALAN | Columna
CZECH | Panteon
DANISH | Modtryk
DUTCH | Signatuur
ENGLISH (UK) | Trapdoor/Little Brown
ENGLISH (USA) | Grand Central/Little Brown
FINNISH | Siltala
GERMAN | Droemer Knaur
ITALIAN | Marsilio
JAPANESE | Tokyo Sogen
LATVIAN | Lauku Avize
NORWEGIAN | Cappelen Damm
POLISH | Czarna Owca
PORTUGUESE (Brazil) | Alaúde/Tordesilhas
PORTUGUESE (Portugal) | Planeta Portugal
SLOVAK | Pantheon
SPANISH | Destino / Grupo Planeta
SPANISH (Audio) | Audible
SWEDISH | Piratförlaget


Prix Salon du Polar de Montigny - Best Crime novel in French

Prix Inter polar du Festival Polar de Reims

Prix des Lecteurs Plume Libre 2013, plume de bronze dans la catégorie Nouvelle Plume Polar, thriller francophone

Prix Quais du polar

Prix Mystère de la critique

Trophée 813


«Set in Northern Norway, a fascinating thriller that makes you shudder and offers the opportunity to discover a mysterious land, the land of the Sami people.» La Reppublica

«This novel is a homage to the recovery of identity.» La Vanguardia

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