The Fate of Laura Ulloa

Original Title: El azar de Laura Ulloa

Author: Susana Fortes

Time goes by very slowly in Vilavedra, a capital town nested on the Spanish Atlantic coast. This novel is an account of the memoirs of Juana, who has witnessed decades of the hidden passions of the Ulloa family. One of her most vivid memories is that of Count Gondomar - patriarch of the saga - and his terrible passion for a woman that is not his wife. She also remembers his sons Rafael and Jacobo, condemned to live apart, separated by an ocean. Most of all, she recalls the young Laura Ulloa, chosen by destiny to fullfill her duties.

A story set between Cuba and Galicia, two lands where the news is brought by the wind and the same air carries premonitions. A novel full of family secrets, fears, suspicions, and unconfessable desires.

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Original Language

SPANISH | Planeta

Translation Rights

FRANCE | Héloïse d'Ormesson
ISRAEL | Zmora-Bitan


Valencia Critics Prize

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