September Can Wait

Original Title: Septiembre puede esperar

Author: Susana Fortes

In the midst of a fierce winter snow, a Spanish student, Rebeca Aldán, arrives in London. She is there to write her thesis on Emily J. Parker, a young British author and Blechtley Park typist who was last seen on the 8th of May 1955, during the end of WWII celebrations, after which she mysteriously disappeared from the face of the Earth.

Thus begins a literary detective investigation into the obscure writer’s short life during the Blitz and the post-war years, which is intertwined with Rebeca’s memories of her own childhood and her current love life.

September Can Wait is a love letter to the city of London in all its splendor and chaos: its character, its history, its weather and, of course, its literature. It is also a mysterious story of dreams and fascination, with a beautiful love story at its heart.

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Original Language

SPANISH | Planeta

Translation Rights

ITALIAN | Nord / Mauri Spagnol
ROMANIAN | Humanitas


• Turia Prize 2018, best literary contribution


'Beautiful, emotional, captivating' Mercurio

'Evocative, brain-teasing and nostalgic' El Cultural

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