The Angel's Privileges

Original Title: Los privilegios del ángel

Publication: 2021

Author: Dolores Redondo

Two inseparable friends. An inconceivable loss. A life adrift.

It’s the 1970s in Pasajes, a humid, salty and humble fishing bay known by its piers and stevedores. Pakutxa and Celeste meet when they are just five years old, and their friendship quickly flourishes. Playdates full of affection and mischief mark their days until a fatality crosses their lives and separates them.

Celeste, the main protagonist, suffers a trauma that will accompany throughout her life and which has terrible consequences not just for herself, but also for those close to her. She will embrace a lonely life and an ethereal personality while struggling with an internal fight in a desperate attempt to find answers to her lifelong paradoxes.

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Original Language

SPANISH (World) | Planeta/Booket

Translation Rights

BASQUE | Erein
CATALAN| Columna
ITALIAN | Rizzoli

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