Beniamina Wood 1

The Mystery of The Diamond-Bone

Publication: 2021

Author: Federico Moccia

Beniamina is angry because she has not been invited to the show of the famous designer Rodolfo Carlino... and if you want to be a true influencer: you MUST be there! While she is lamenting her bad luck, Beniamina meets Priscila, her best childhood friend whom she has not seen for a long time. Now she has returned to the city, to work as an assistant in an important event: the Carlino parade!

Thanks to Priscila's help, Beniamina enters the parade and is gobsmacked by the backstage: the models, the makeup artists, the dresses... And the large DIAMOND-BONE, an extraordinary jewel they have brought expressly for this parade... Until the diamond gets stolen and everyone blames Priscila! Fortunately, Beniamina is there to help her with her investigative skills, and to find out who is behind this tough theft.

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SPANISH | Destino Infantil & Juvenil

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