All Those Seas

Original Title: Tots aquells mars

Publication: 2024

Author: Laia Aguilar

One summer afternoon, Julieta, a seven-year-old girl disappears on a beach on the coast of the Balearic Island of Formentera. Her eleven-year-old sister Greta is unable to stop it from happening.

Twenty year later, an adult Greta who lives in London returns to Formentera for the first time after the tragedy to care for her ill grandmother. She’ll also be reunited with her mother on the island, whom she hasn’t seen since she was young, and Max, a friend bound to her by the strength of a shared childhood.

Guided by the Formentera legends told by her grandmother, Greta will journey into her past to find a new starting points in order to reinterpret and give meaning to what happened so many years ago.

Three women from three different generations, all marked by the same tragic events, will weave stories filled with legends, mermaids, and hidden treasures under the sea.

How do we make sense of everything we have experienced? What happened that summer afternoon in Formentera?

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Original Language

CATALAN | Columna

Translation Rights

SPANISH | Destino

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