The Girl Who Wished to Know Everything

Curiosity: Keys to a more intelligent and happy life

Publication: 2022

Author: Teresa Viejo

“Teresa, why do you always want to know everything?” This question has followed me ever since I was a child and I decided to start researching curiosity, the first human strength, in order to answer it. After years of investigations, now I wish to encourage others to awaken their curiosity. This book is born from this process, as it speaks as much about you as it does about me.

It talks about the desire of knowledge and the incessant need to learn. About how curiosity inspires creativity. About the energy that pushes us to observe, search, uncover, research, explore…, to connect to others. To trust, since curiosity is the only antidote against uncertainty, even though we’re living in very uncertain times. Trust me, it is the time to explore your possibilities of flourishing and curiosity is your ally. Train it and enhance it with simple exercises that I share in this books.

Also, you will discover dimensions of curiosity that you might not know. Did you know that curious people live longer and better? That is takes care of your brain? That there are seven types of curiosity? Do you want to find out what yours is? Come and find out.

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