Domestic Animals

Original Title: Animales domésticos

Author: Teresa Viejo

You never know when life is going to turn you inside-out like a sock. Abigail has just left her husband Fernando at the airport when she discovers the real reason behind his business trip: a woman named Black Orchid.

Conversations, mobile phones and coded email accounts: Fernando’s hidden life reveals itself to her over just one night. Abigail faces so many questions that she goes from hate and vengeance to an obsession that makes her want to feel and see everything that Fernando saw and felt – even if that means going into a sordid world she never imagined. Not even death threats will stop her.

Following leads like a detective, Abigail starts unravelling all her husband’s secrets in a page-turning emotional thriller in which each clue leads to the next in chain of gripping twists.

Domestic Animals is not just a story about cheating, where victim and victimizer exchange roles to fool themselves until the end. It is also a raw and timely account of how relationships work, and of how eroticism and excitement renew and kindle sexual attraction

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Original Language

Spanish (World) | Ediciones B
Spanish (Audio) | Storytel

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