Macho Man with Daughters

Original Title: Machista con hijas

Publication: 2021

Author: Gustavo Rodríguez

A Peruvian writer born in the second half of the 20th Century, raised and educated among men in a provincial city, sees three daughters come into his life, one every three years since he married while still very young. The ten chapters of the podcast are a series of misunderstandings, but also the important unlearnings that a father must overcome to further comprehend his daughters. Narrated with flair and moving through daily anecdotes (from wearing skirts to meeting boyfriends, and being aware that your daughters drink alcohol and take contraceptives), this is a journey of a man going from macho culture to being the best advocate for his young, feminist daughters.

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Original Language

SPANISH (Perú) | Penguin Random House Perú
SPANISH (Podcast) | Podimo

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