April 23rd, 2009

Pontas networking at the London Book Fair 2009

The London Book Fair 2009 took place at the Earl’s Court Exhibition from April 20 to April 22 and thePontas Agency was registered once more with a very full schedule of meetings at the International Rights Center of that global market for rights negotiation and the sale of content across different channels (print, TV, film…).


The International Rights Center is always an amazing place to watch: hundreds of agents from all over the world trying to convince hundreds of publishers to publish a particular book, about a particular subject in a particular language… Thousands of people caring for books and literature talking at the same time of so many different stories, plots and projects to be published in the years to come… Fascinating!


In between meetings there is always time for networking and laughing. From left to right: Ana Lafuente (editor at Temas de Hoy/Planeta in Madrid), Nelleke Geel (editor at Signature Bruna in Amsterdam andLluís-Anton Baulenas’ Dutch publisher), Anna Soler-Pont   and Carmen Corral (from Tusquets Editores in Barcelona).


Michelle Lin is the Pontas co-agent in China and Taiwan at the Grayhawk Agency based in Taipei. Among other authors, she has helped us to sell Chinese language rights of Maha Akhtar, Lluís-Anton Baulenas andSusan Abulhawa.


Terry Kim (right) is our co-agent in Korea and thanks to him Susana Fortes  and Asha Miró are published in that country. In the picture, with three Korean publishers he wanted to introduce to us: Jinny Park (from Sallim Publishing), Eun-Ju Kong (from Woongjin) and Shim Ha-Eun (from Ppul and Penguin Korea).


Sandra Ferro (left) and Aida Vega (right) from Globo Editora will be publishing A Violin in Auschwitz by Maria Àngels Anglada in Brazil soon, among other Pontas titles.


Tomaso Biancardi is scouting at Anne-Louise Fischer Associates in London and he has helped us to sell rights of The Scar of David by Susan Abulhawa in Norway and Finland, a novel he read and recommends.


Rachel Kuck and Kevin Pocklington from Jenny Brown Associates, a literary agency based in Edimburgh that we are happy to represent in Spain since a few months ago.

And so many more interesting publishers, agents and scouts from different continents will now receive new material to read and consider from us!!