February 16th, 2009

More translations for Susan Abulhawa, Blanca Busquets and Eric Frattini’s works

The Pontas Agency has just concluded new translation deals!


The Scar of David by Susan Abulhawa has been sold to Aschehoug (Norway) and Enalios (Greece).

Born of the long page of history of Israeli-Arab relationships, this moving novel about three Palestinian generations give some light about two countries prisoner of an infernal spiral waiting for brighter dawns to come…


The Jumper  and Who Knows Where the Sky Is  by Blanca Busquets have been sold in a two-book deal to DTV Verlag (Germany).

The Jumper is an intriguing story of family secrets and their long lasting effects: while seated in a corner of her daughter’s house, Dolors works on making a sweater for her granddaughter and she begins to observe the habits of those who are living in the house...

Who Knows Where the Sky Is, Blanca Busquets’ fourth novel, is a suggestive and intense work that readers won’t be able to put down.


And The Labyrinth of Water by Eric Frattini  has been sold to Querido (The Netherlands).

After the death of her grandmother, Afdera Brooks, a young brilliant historian and archaeologist, will receive as part of her legacy the key to open the security box of an American bank where a very antique manuscript is kept... Helped by Maximilian Kronauer, an expert Jesuit priest, she will start a long journey to discover the meaning of such misterious document that will bring them to Zurich, Gebel Qarara, Cairo, Alexandria, Geneva, Hong Kong, Antiochus, Acre and Venice, the labyrinth of water...