August 28th, 2017

Five "Pontas authors" at the Lima International Book Fair in Peru

Five authors represented by the Pontas Agency attended the most important book fair in Peru, FIL Lima – Feria International del Libro de Lima, and one of the most important in Latin America, held in Lima the last week of July and first two weeks of August 2017.  With more than half a million attendees, it is and a great opportunity for authors to be in direct touch with their readers and it demonstrates, once again, the strength of the Peruvian publishing industry and the growing number of readers.

The most acclaimed author was Peruvian literary sensation and rising star Renato Cisneros. His new novel, Dejarás la Tierra (The Land You Leave Behind), ended up being the book that sold the most througout the fair. Renato Cisneros is also making waves internationally with his previous novel, La distancia que nos separa (The Distance That Separates Us), with several translation rights sold and picked as one of the books of the rentrée '17 by the French newspaper Liberátion.


Claudia Salazar Jiménez, Peruvian author living in New York, also gave several talks at the book fair around the themes of feminism and women in literature. Both her debut novel, Blood of the Dawn (La sangre de la aurora), and her short stories collection, Coordenadas temporales (Temporal Coordinates) were sold at the fair.

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Italian author Federico Moccia was one of the big names for this year’s FIL, coming all the way from Rome to meet his Peruvian readers. The event 'Dialogue with Federico Moccia" drew hundreds of people who had read most of his books and couldn't wait to get Tre volte te (Three Times You) signed by his favourite author.

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Two other Pontas authors from Peru were also part of this year's FIL: Gustavo Rodríguez and Susanne Noltenius. Gustavo Rodríguez presented his YA/Cross-over novel  Te escribí mañana (I Wrote You Tomorrow), as well as some of his previous novels (right, in the first photo below); and Susanne Noltenius participated as she's included in the anthology "15 Peruvian Female Narrators” (left, in the second photo below).

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