February 3rd, 2009

Eric Frattini’s Labyrinth of Water

Eric Frattini’s second novel, The Labyrinth of Water, was published a few days ago in Spain after a great press conference organised in Venice by Spanish publishing house Espasa Calpe. The novel will be soon published in Italy by Editrice Nord/MauriSpagnol and several editors around the world have already shown their interest.


After the death of her grandmother, Afdera Brooks, a young brilliant historian and archaeologist, will receive as part of her legacy the key to open the security box of an American bank where a very antique manuscript is kept... Helped by Maximilian Kronauer, an expert Jesuit priest, she will start a long journey to discover the meaning of such misterious document that will bring them to Zurich, Gebel Qarara, Cairo, Alexandria, Geneva, Hong Kong, Antiochus, Acre and Venice, the labyrinth of water...


If you want to know more about how the novel was written and what’s all about, you can have a look at this website:  www.ellaberintodeagua.com

Besides a good list of fifteen other books, Eric Frattini is also the author of The Entity (The Holy Alliance: Five Centuries of Vatican Espionage), an international best-seller and astonishing essay on the Vatican's secret services uncovering information unknown to date and documenting five centuries of papal espionage and counter-espionage that have influenced the course of history.

Rights have already been sold through the Pontas Agency to Saint Martin's Press (US English), JR Books (UK English), Flammarion (France), Fazi (Italy), Espasa Calpe (Spain), Campo das Letras (Portugal), Eksmo (Russia), Amber (Poland), Boitempo (Brazil), Tritonic (Romania) and Unicorp (Bulgaria).