January 3rd, 2011

C.P. Surendran: the first new Pontas client of 2011

We are glad to start the year 2011 announcing that Pontas is representing internationally the Indian authorC.P. Surendran. His new novel Lost and Found (written in English) has just been published by HarperCollins India. Eminent author Shashi Tharoor released the book and filmmaker Pankaj Butalia was in conversation with C.P. Surendran during a crowded event last month in New Delhi.

cp-surendran lost-and-found_cover2-150x150

We believe this is a novel that can appeal a large audience and we hope that it will be also adapted into a film soon!  Lost and Found is a surreal narrative of a nation peopled with professional fanatics, dominatrix cows, alcoholic journalists and women offering babies to passers-by at traffic junctions...


The synopsis:

On a drunken party night, young and attractive Lakshmi kidnaps Placid Hari, a journalist, believing him to be the man who raped her sixteen years ago. The morning after alters the course of events: Lakshmi and Hari find themselves taken hostage in a terrorist siege of Bombay along with a teenage fledgling actor, Nirmal. The boy-soldier in charge is Salim, trained in Pakistan by Abul Razak, the object of whose hallucinogenic passion is Salim’s mother. Within the next twenty-four hours, Salim will find that nothing back home had prepared him for the fatal eventualities of his mission, which unravels along with his past; a past that is intimately connected with the compelling story of blood and tears that his captives have to tell.


About the author:

C.P. Surendran is a poet and novelist, a journalist and columnist. His popular columns include ‘Low Life’, ‘Bitch’, ‘Cat Scan’, and ‘Brief Grief’. Currently, he is a senior editor with the Times of India and is based in Delhi.


> English language rights outside the Indian Subcontinent are available; all translation rights and film rights are also available.

If interested, please contact Anna Soler-Pont: anna@pontas-agency.com