Your Taste

Original Title: El teu gust

Publication: 2020

Author: (Estate of) Isabel-Clara Simó

Your Taste is a grand love story: the relationship between the protagonist and Roser, a woman who dies in a tragic accident. There is also the story of the protagonist’s other lovers, both before and after. Various men, with different tastes, interests, and preferences. This novel also speaks to one’s limits in relation to others, to culture and creativity, about the singular and the plural – it is essentially about everything that is inspiring, illuminating and deceiving, which ultimately constitutes our personhood.

In this posthumous novel, the author’s unmistakable style opens wide the doors to her literary world and, full of irony, tells us the story of a woman who evokes a life journey made of scraps, in which body and mind feel separate because, even if strength weakens, passion remains intact. A great passion for art and for life which Isabel-Clara Simó announces in her last novel.

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Original Language

CATALAN | Bromera

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