My Love

Original Title: Amor meva

Publication: 2013

Author: (Estate of) Isabel-Clara Simó

Through one family’s four generations of mothers and daughters, Isabel-Clara Simó narrates the story of a genealogy of liberal and courageous women with Jewish roots. From great-grandmother Rut to the young Debora, Regina and Pat, the women of the Valleriola family have had to fight with determination and courage to make a place for themselves in the world for more than a century. The disagreements with the times in which they have had to live have marked them since birth, and in order to stay true to their own identities and live freely they have often had to rebel and hide their origins and even their sexuality.

Travelling from Barcelona at the beginning of the 20th century to Paris in the sixties, through to London today, My Love tells the story of a social and intimate journey of guilt and forgiveness. A brave and honest novel that explores the limits of identity and reveals many of the secrets that hide behind masks.

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Original Language

CATALAN | Grup62


2010 Joanot Martorell Prize

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