Picasso's Lover

Original Title: L'amant de Picasso

Publication: 2015

Author: (Estate of) Isabel-Clara Simó

"He has painted me, sculpted me, drawn me dozens of times..." Fernande Olivier wrote to Gertrude Stein in 1908 in reference to Pablo Picasso. Olivier was one of the painter's first romantic partners, with whom he shared his life during a key period in art history. Next to him, Olivier experienced the cultural and vital effervescence of Paris during the outburst of avant-garde disruption. With him, he traveled to the Catalan town of Horta de Sant Joan, where Picasso discovered an essential landscape for his work. And without him, for years to come, the beautiful Fernande would continue to remember the time they spent together.

With elaborate and brilliant prose, Isabel-Clara Simó brings readers closer to the figure of one of Picasso’s great lovers. And so, in addition to illuminating the painter’s life, she shows us exactly who the extraordinary woman known as Fernande Olivier really was.

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