Summer Sea: A Mediterranean Memoir

Original Title: Mar d'estiu: Una memòria mediterrània

Publication: 2020

Author: Rafel Nadal

An evocative and personal retelling of the Mediterranean Sea, the small pleasures of life, and an invitation to observe and discover the stories of the people whose lives are rooted in this special landscape.

Rafel Nadal pays homage to the sea of ​​his childhood and youth in a book divided into three parts. In the first, the author talks about why the Mediterranean is so important to him; what the places, the people and the sea mean to him. In a second part, Nadal recounts his travels through various places in the Mediterranean such as Stromboli, Icaria, Hydra and Portlligat. Each place is described through his own memories and reflections that are evoked upon remembering them. In the third and final part of the book, the author narrates the return, a reflection on the experience of travelling and the role that the Mediterranean has played in the history and development of the Western culture.

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